See You in the Streets

CONGRATULATIONS TO RUTH SERGEL! SEE YOU IN THE STREET RECEIVED A 2017 AMERICAN BOOK AWARD FROM THE BEFORE COLUMBUS FOUNDATION In 1911, a fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory in New York City took the lives of 146 workers, most of them young immigrant women and girls. Their deaths galvanized a movement for social and… Continue reading →

The Penelope Project

NEWS– CONGRATULATIONS TO ANNE BASTING WHO WAS AWARDED A 2016 MACARTHUR FELLOW AWARD! AND ANOTHER CONGRATULATIONS TO ANNE BASTING FOR BEING THE INAUGURAL RANDY MARTIN SPIRIT AWARD RECIPIENT! Of the 15,000 nursing homes in the United States, how many are places you’d want to visit, much less live in? Now that people are living longer… Continue reading →

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